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On the role of electromagnetic phenomena in some atmospheric processes
A crucial part of electromagnetic phenomena in many atmospheric processes is verified by systematized data. The multilayered charged system of clouds represents some dynamically equilibrium structureExpand
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New Physical Mechanism for Lightning
The article is devoted to electromagnetic phenomena in the atmosphere. The set of experimental data on the thunderstorm activity is analyzed. It helps to identify a possible physical mechanism ofExpand
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Interaction of Atmospheric Plasma Vortices
Atmospheric electric fields, connected with the ionization of particles and plasma processes, occur in the fields of pressure gradients of mosaic mesh topology. Atmospheric aerosol particles play aExpand
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Aerosol, Plasma Vortices and Atmospheric Processes
Abstract—Atmospheric particle ionization by cosmic rays peaks at altitudes of the formation of tropospheric clouds. Since the formation of ionizing particles is a cascaded process, the effect ofExpand
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Influence of Cosmic Ray Invasions and Aerosol Plasma on Powerful Atmospheric Vortices
The Earth’s atmosphere is affected by various ionizing sources. The maximum ionization of atmospheric particles by cosmic rays corresponds to the altitude of formation of tropospheric clouds. In theExpand
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