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Rufinamide for generalized seizures associated with Lennox–Gastaut syndrome
Rufinamide was an effective and well-tolerated treatment for seizures associated with Lennox–Gastaut syndrome and had a greater improvement in seizure severity than placebo. Expand
Pregabalin Add‐on Treatment: A Randomized, Double‐blind, Placebo‐controlled, Dose–Response Study in Adults with Partial Seizures
To evaluate pregabalin (PGB), 150 mg/day, and PGB, 600 mg/ day, as an add‐on treatment for patients with refractory partial seizures concurrently treated with one to three AEDs. Expand
Randomized dose‐controlled study of topiramate as first‐line therapy in epilepsy
Evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of topiramate as monotherapy using a dose‐controlled study design, finding that the former is more beneficial than the latter. Expand
Adjunctive rufinamide in Lennox‐Gastaut syndrome: a long‐term, open‐label extension study
Adjunctive rufinamide in Lennox‐Gastaut syndrome: a long‐term, open‐label extension study. Expand
A crossover, add-on trial of talampanel in patients with refractory partial seizures
A double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of talampanel in 49 patients with refractory partial seizures showed efficacy in reducing seizure frequency with a median seizure reduction of 21%. Expand
Rufinamide for the adjunctive treatment of partial seizures in adults and adolescents: A randomized placebo‐controlled trial
Purpose:  To evaluate efficacy and safety of adjunctive treatment with rufinamide 1600 mg twice daily in subjects aged ≥16 years with refractory partial seizures.
Is Refractory Epilepsy Preventable?
About a third of the patients diagnosed with epilepsy will not be fully controlled with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), and many of them will have frequent and disabling seizures, so the early initiation of aggressive therapy may improve outcome and overall quality of life. Expand
What is the Relationship Between Arachnoid Cysts and Seizure Foci?
In patients with epilepsy, particularly those with refractory epilepsy, arachnoid cysts are often assumed to be related to their seizure focus, and a study was conducted to investigate this putative relationship. Expand
The Spanish Version of the Quality‐of‐Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE‐31): Translation, Validity, and Reliability
The Spanish adaptation of the Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE‐31) helps improve the quality of life in the clinic and provides a scaffolding for future studies. Expand
Recommendations on the clinical use of oxcarbazepine in the treatment of epilepsy:
a consensus view
Oxcarbazepine is a safe and well tolerated antiepileptic drug for partial epilepsy and does not appear to have any clinically notable effects on other safety parameters such as renal and liver function or haematological test results. Expand