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Adaptive Mo2N/MoS2/Ag Tribological Nanocomposite Coatings for Aerospace Applications
Reactively sputtered Mo2N/MoS2/Ag nanocomposite coatings were deposited from three individual Mo, MoS2, and Ag targets in a nitrogen environment onto Si (111), 440C grade stainless steel, and inconelExpand
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Tribological investigation of adaptive Mo2N/MoS2/Ag coatings with high sulfur content
Abstract Adaptive nanocomposite Mo2N/MoS2/Ag coatings were deposited on Inconel and silicon substrates by magnetron sputtering with individual targets of Mo, MoS2 and Ag. The tetragonal β-Mo2NExpand
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Hard coatings with high temperature adaptive lubrication and contact thermal management: review
Abstract Progress in the design and exploration of hard coatings with high temperature adaptive behavior in tribological contacts is reviewed. When coupled with most recent surface engineeringExpand
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Carbon nanotube-MoS2 composites as solid lubricants.
Solid lubricants (SLs) characterized by low coefficients of friction (mu) and wear rates (w) drastically improve the life span of instruments that undergo extreme frictional wear. However, theExpand
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Lubricious silver tantalate films for extreme temperature applications
Abstract Silver tantalate was investigated as a potential lubricious material for moving assemblies in high temperature tribological applications. Three different approaches were explored for theExpand
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Lubricious oxide coatings for extreme temperature applications: A review
Abstract This article provides an overview of the latest research developments on binary and ternary oxide coatings that have the potential to be used as solid lubricants at elevated temperatures.Expand
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Physical and mechanical properties of chromium zirconium nitride thin films
Abstract This paper reports on the physical, chemical, mechanical, and tribological properties of reactively sputtered chromium zirconium nitride deposited on Si (111) substrates using Cr and ZrExpand
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Layered Atomic Structures of Double Oxides for Low Shear Strength at High Temperatures
) thin films and powders from 25 to 600 C. We show, using ab initiomolecular dynamics, high-temperature X-ray diffraction, high-temperature Raman spectroscopy and differential scanning calorim-etry inExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of quantum dot-polymer composites.
In this study, we demonstrate a facile and simple synthesis of quantum dot (QD)-polymer composites. Highly fluorescent semiconducting CdSe/ZnS quantum dots were embedded in different commerciallyExpand
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Broom-like and flower-like heterostructures of silver molybdate through pH controlled self assembly
Silver molybdate microrods are self-assembled into micron sized, broom-like and flower-like structures. Our investigations indicate that through a simple hydrothermal process, large scale productionExpand
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