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Pharmacology of Kratom: An Emerging Botanical Agent With Stimulant, Analgesic and Opioid-Like Effects
Analyses of the medical literature and select Internet sites indicate that individuals in the United States are increasingly using kratom for the self-management of pain and opioid withdrawal.
Corneal gene therapy.
A quantitative structure-activity relationship study for α-substituted acetamido-N-benzylacetamide derivatives - A novel anticonvulsant drug class
A library of 35 benzylacetamide derivatives was evaluated for anticonvulsant activity as reflected in the ED50 (mg/kg) required to suppress seizure activity in the maximal electroshock seizure (MES)
The anticonvulsant activities of N-benzyl 3-methoxypropionamides.
Development of a Center for Teaching Excellence
The development, implementation, and assessment of a Center for Teaching Excellence at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy created a systematic framework to promote, enhance, and assess the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Synthesis and structural studies of aza analogues of functionalized amino acids: new anticonvulsant agents.
This study investigated whether selectively replacing the C(2) tetrahedral atom with a trivalent nitrogen provides compounds with comparable activity and displayed excellent activity in mice and rats that compared favorably to that of phenytoin.