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Mammals of Bolivia : taxonomy and distribution. Bulletin of the AMNH ; no. 231
"Studies of published records and of about 36,900 specimens of native mammals from Bolivia reveal that at least 327 species occur there. Probably more than 20 other species, either new to science orExpand
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Origin of the Weberian apparatus and the relationships of the ostariophysan and gonorynchiform fishes. American Museum novitates ; no. 2428
The ostariophysan fishes exhibit a wide range of anatomical and behavioral specializations, and comprise one of the largest and most diverse groups of teleosts. This assemblage contains aboutExpand
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Effect of quadrat size on measurements of species density
Maps for species of Australian Mammalia are used to examine the effect of the size of sample area on measure- ments of species density. Larger sample areas generally yield larger measurements. ForExpand
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India's Gender Digital Divide: Women and Politics on Twitter
The participation of women plays a fundamental role in the health and efficacy of any political society. This involvement is defined not only by the levels with which women share electoralExpand
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