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The Differentiated Impact of Bridging and Bonding Social Capital on Economic Well-Being: An Individual Level Perspective
Social capital refers to trust, norms, and social networks. One of the most important features of social capital is its claimed capacity of promoting economic well-being. Theorists have assumed thatExpand
Engaging Students in Community-Based Research
ABSTRACT This paper presents a model for teaching social work research courses that features collaboration between social service agencies and M.S.W. students on community-based research projects.Expand
Low-income single mothers' community violence exposure and aggressive parenting practices
This study examined the association between maternal community violence exposure and parenting practices, with a sample of low-income single mothers from the Fragile Families and Child Well-BeingExpand
Welfare Recipient Views about Caseworker Performance: Lessons for Developing TANF Case Management Practices
As states implement Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs, the importance of public assistance caseworker functioning has been magnified. Based on personal interviews with 60Expand
Challenges in Social Work Field Education in China: Lessons from the Western Experience
Social work education has been a growing field in Mainland China in the last two decades, accompanying economic reforms and the reintroduction of social sciences into the curriculum in higherExpand
Financial knowledge of the low-income population: Effects of a financial education program
This study examines the effects of one large financial management training program for low-income people. The data are from tests of pre- and post-training financial knowledge of 163 participants.Expand
Ensuring the stability of welfare-to-work exits: the importance of recipient knowledge about work incentives.
Welfare reform policies assume that recipients will increase work efforts if they are offered improved income and support services incentives. Yet, based on personal interviews with 60 welfareExpand
Targeting Financial Management Training at Low‐Income Audiences
While interest in financial management training programs for low-income persons has grown in recent years, the specific training needs of low-income consumers have not been well articulated. ThisExpand
Quantum Topology: Theory of Molecular Structure and its Change
In this paper we review and exemplify a new and rigorous approach to the problem of molecular structure and its morphogenesis: the theory of quantum topology. The basis for this approach is providedExpand
Social work advocacy in the post-TANF environment: lessons from early TANF research studies.
This study examined early research findings concerning the well-being of people who leave Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs and then applies these findings in the development ofExpand