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Modified savings heuristics and genetic algorithm for bi-objective vehicle routing problem with forced backhauls
We developed three heuristics to solve bi-objective vehicle routing problems with forced backhauls (BVFB) and found that all the three heuristic are competitive in solving BVFB. Expand
Enterprise Resource Planning: Fundamentals of Design and Implementation
ERP as a Business Enabler.- Introduction.- Core Process Analysis.- Conference Room Pilot.- Customisations.- Interface & Conversion.- System Integration Testing.- Training.- User Acceptance Test.-Expand
Mixed-Integer Linear Programming for Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-Up with Maximum Route-Length
The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous delivery and pick-up (VRPSDP) is the problem of optimally assimilating goods collection and distribution, when no priority constraints are imposed on theExpand
Organisation structure, reward and communication design for implementation of knowledge management solution
Knowledge management (KM) can be effectively implemented by proper knowledge organisation structure and carry forward by incentive plan, lucrative reward programming and robust communication plan.Expand
Class of sustainable supply chain routing problems – framework and comprehensive review
Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is widely dealt within the last four decades. We seek to understand the state of the art in VRP in the context of sustainable supply chain and proposed new six VRPExpand
Assessment on the adoption of low carbon and green supply chain management practices in Indian supply chain sectors - manufacturing and service industries
This paper purports to assess the adoption of low carbon and green supply chain management practices by the industrial supply chain sectors in India, which is inundated with manufacturing andExpand
Unified heuristics to solve routing problem of reverse logistics in sustainable supply chain
A reverse logistics problem, motivated by many real-life applications, is examined where bottles/cans in which products are delivered from a processing depot to customers in one period are available for return to the depot in the following period. Expand