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Stagnation of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica by water piracy
The dynamic behavior of the West Antarctic ice sheet is of interest because of the possibility that it may change and cause rapid sea-level rise. Attention is focused on the fast-moving and rapidlyExpand
Stochastic resonance in the North Atlantic
Large, abrupt changes between warm and cold modes of North Atlantic climate exhibit spectral power at ∼1500 years, yet some climatic changes were linked to outburst floods and other events that areExpand
Discovery of Till Deposition at the Grounding Line of Whillans Ice Stream
We report on the discovery of a grounding-line sedimentary wedge (“till delta”) deposited by Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica. Our observation is that grounding-line deposition serves to thickenExpand
Physical and structural properties of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 ice core: A review
Substantial data sets have been collected on the relaxation characteristics, density, grain size, c axis fabrics, and ultrasonic velocities of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) core to itsExpand
Tidal forcing of basal seismicity of ice stream C
Hydrocarbons are converted by contacting them at hydrocarbon conversion conditions with a novel superactive multimetallic catalytic composite comprising a combination of a catalytically effectiveExpand
Effect of Sedimentation on Ice-Sheet Grounding-Line Stability
Sedimentation filling space beneath ice shelves helps to stabilize ice sheets against grounding-line retreat in response to a rise in relative sea level of at least several meters. Recent AntarcticExpand
Crustal structure of the West Antarctic rift system and Marie Byrd Land hotspot
The West Antarctic rift system is one of the largest zones of continental extension on Earth. However, little is known of its crustal structure owing to the vast ice sheet that dominates the region.Expand
Crust and upper mantle structure of the Transantarctic Mountains and surrounding regions from receiver functions, surface waves, and gravity: Implications for uplift models
[1] This study uses seismic receiver functions, surface wave phase velocities, and airborne gravity measurements to investigate the structure of the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) and adjacentExpand
Tidally Controlled Stick-Slip Discharge of a West Antarctic Ice
A major West Antarctic ice stream discharges by sudden and brief periods of very rapid motion paced by oceanic tidal oscillations of about 1 meter. Acceleration to speeds greater than 1 meter perExpand
Access of surface meltwater to beds of sub-freezing glaciers: preliminary insights
Abstract Sufficiently deep water-filled fractures can penetrate even cold ice-sheet ice, but glaciogenic stresses are typically smaller than needed to propagate water-filled fractures that are lessExpand