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JPF-SE: A Symbolic Execution Extension to Java PathFinder
We present JPF-SE, an extension to the Java PathFinder Model Checking framework (JPF) that enables the symbolic execution of Java programs. JPF-SE uses JPF to generate and explore symbolic executionExpand
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Apposcopy: semantics-based detection of Android malware through static analysis
We present Apposcopy, a new semantics-based approach for identifying a prevalent class of Android malware that steals private user information. Apposcopy incorporates (i) a high-level language forExpand
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An orchestrated survey of methodologies for automated software test case generation
Test case generation is among the most labour-intensive tasks in software testing. It also has a strong impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of software testing. For these reasons, it has beenExpand
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Automated concolic testing of smartphone apps
We present an algorithm and a system for generating input events to exercise smartphone apps. Our approach is based on concolic testing and generates sequences of events automatically andExpand
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Demand-Driven Compositional Symbolic Execution
We discuss how to perform symbolic execution of large programs in a manner that is both compositional (hence more scalable) and demand-driven. Compositional symbolic execution means finding feasibleExpand
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An Orchestrated Survey on Automated Software Test Case Generation I
Test case generation is among the most labour-intensive tasks in software testing and also one that has a strong impact on the e ectiveness and e ciency of software testing. For these reasons, it hasExpand
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Type-Dependence Analysis and Program Transformation for Symbolic Execution
Symbolic execution can be problematic when applied to real applications. This paper addresses two of these problems: (1) the constraints generated during symbolic execution may be of a type notExpand
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Precise interface identification to improve testing and analysis of web applications
As web applications become more widespread, sophisticated, and complex, automated quality assurance techniques for such applications have grown in importance. Accurate interface identification isExpand
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Symbolic execution with abstraction
We address the problem of error detection for programs that take recursive data structures and arrays as input. Previously we proposed a combination of symbolic execution and model checking for theExpand
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Symbolic Execution with Interval Solving and Meta-heuristic Search
A challenging problem in symbolic execution is to solve complex mathematical constraints such as constraints that include floating-point variables and transcendental functions. The inability to solveExpand
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