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Phosphate bonded wood and fibre composites
Over the last few decades, inorganic bonded composites have been developed for high performance applications using conventional cement and concrete. The demands for wood based composites along with
Recycled waste paper–cement composite panels reinforced with kenaf fibres: durability and mechanical properties
There is a growing interest on recycling of waste fibres as an alternative to landfill disposal. The aim of the study was to investigate the durability and mechanical properties of waste paper–cement
Utilization of fuelwood as household energy among residents of Benin metropolis, Edo State, Nigeria
The study evaluates the utilization of fuelwood as household energy among residents in Benin metropolis. Its utilization andavailability as household energy source as well as reasons for its prefer
Forest Biomass Availability and Utilization Potential in Sweden: A Review
Abstract In recent years, there has been a growing interest in many parts of the world for more effective biomass utilization due to legislative and public interest in sustainable development. Whilst
Natural Fibre Modification and Its Influence on Fibre-matrix Interfacial Properties in Biocomposite Materials
Biocomposite materials manufactured from natural fibres and polymer matrix represent a group of engineered composite products with diverse applications. These materials continue to find increasing
The effect of chemical treatments of natural fibres on the properties of phosphate-bonded composite products
Phosphate-bonded composites are an emerging class of building materials produced from natural fibres and phosphate based cement pastes. They are durable and possess mechanical properties similar to
Investigating the suitability of fly ash/metakaolin-based geopolymers reinforced with South African alien invasive wood and sugarcane bagasse residues for use in outdoor conditions
The prevailing approach of total clearing to contain the spread of invasive plants (IP) in South Africa is generating enormous lignocellulosic wastes. This study examined the possibility of utilizing
Effect of wood particle geometry and pre-treatments on the strength and sorption properties of cement-bonded particle boards
The effect of particle geometry and pretreatments on the strength and sorption properties of wood particlecement composite boards was investigated. Wood particles (flakes and sawdust) of Gmelina ar