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Claudin-2 expression induces cation-selective channels in tight junctions of epithelial cells
Tight junctions seal the paracellular pathway of epithelia but, in leaky tissues, also exhibit specific permeability. In order to characterize the contribution of claudin-2 to barrier andExpand
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Characterization of a porcine intestinal epithelial cell line for in vitro studies of microbial pathogenesis in swine
In vitro studies on the pathogenesis in swine have been hampered by the lack of relevant porcine cell lines. Since many bacterial infections are swine-specific, studies on pathogenic mechanismsExpand
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Claudin-2, a component of the tight junction, forms a paracellular water channel
Whether or not significant amounts of water pass the tight junction (TJ) of leaky epithelia is still unresolved, because it is difficult to separate transcellular water flux from TJ-controlledExpand
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Tricellulin forms a barrier to macromolecules in tricellular tight junctions without affecting ion permeability.
Tricellulin is a tight junction protein localized in tricellular tight junctions (tTJs), the meeting points of three cells, but also in bicellular tight junctions (bTJs). To investigate its specificExpand
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TNFα-induced and berberine-antagonized tight junction barrier impairment via tyrosine kinase, Akt and NFκB signaling
TNFα-mediated tight junction defects contribute to diarrhea in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). In our study, the signaling pathways of the TNFα effect on barrier- or pore-forming claudins wereExpand
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Segmental expression of claudin proteins correlates with tight junction barrier properties in rat intestine
In tubular epithelia, barrier function varies in a segment-specific way. The aim of this study was to correlate the presence of tight junction proteins and paracellular barrier properties along ratExpand
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Epithelial transport and barrier function in occludin-deficient mice.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS This study aimed at functional characterization of the tight junction protein occludin using the occludin-deficient mouse model. METHODS Epithelial transport and barrierExpand
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Claudin-3 acts as a sealing component of the tight junction for ions of either charge and uncharged solutes.
The paracellular barrier of epithelia and endothelia is established by several tight junction proteins including claudin-3. Although claudin-3 is present in many epithelia including skin, lung,Expand
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Cytokine-dependent transcriptional down-regulation of epithelial sodium channel in ulcerative colitis.
BACKGROUND & AIMS The main limiting factor for sodium absorption in distal colon is the amiloride-sensitive epithelial sodium channel (ENaC). This study aimed to characterize mechanisms involved inExpand
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Contribution of claudin-5 to barrier properties in tight junctions of epithelial cells
Claudin-5 is a transmembrane protein reported to be primarily present in tight junctions of endothelia. Unexpectedly, we found expression of claudin-5 in HT-29/B6 cells, an epithelial cell lineExpand
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