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Development and validation of a premature ejaculation diagnostic tool.
The development and validation of this new PE diagnostic tool has resulted in a new, user-friendly, and brief self-report questionnaire for use in clinical trials to diagnose PE. Expand
Premature ejaculation: an observational study of men and their partners.
Shorter IELT was significantly associated with reduced ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction and increased distress and interpersonal difficulty, indicating the need for additional PRO measures to characterize PE. Expand
International Society for Sexual Medicine's guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of premature ejaculation.
It is suggested that the prevalence of premature ejaculation is considerably lower than previously thought and that ongoing research will lead to a more complete understanding of the pathophysiology as well as new efficacious and safe treatments for this sexual dysfunction. Expand
An Evidence-Based Unified Definition of Lifelong and Acquired Premature Ejaculation: Report of the Second International Society for Sexual Medicine Ad Hoc Committee for the Definition of Premature
The ISSM unified definition of lifelong and acquired PE represents the first evidence-based definition for these conditions and will enable researchers to design methodologically rigorous studies to improve the understanding of acquired PE. Expand
Efficacy and safety of dapoxetine for the treatment of premature ejaculation: integrated analysis of results from five phase 3 trials.
In this diverse population, dapoxetine significantly improved all aspects of PE and was generally well tolerated. Expand
Efficacy and tolerability of dapoxetine in treatment of premature ejaculation: an integrated analysis of two double-blind, randomised controlled trials
On-demand dapoxetine is an effective and generally well tolerated treatment for men with moderate-to-severe premature ejaculation. Expand
Summary of the recommendations on sexual dysfunctions in men.
Specific evaluation, treatment guidelines, and algorithms were developed for every sexual dysfunction in men, including erectile dysfunction; disorders of libido, orgasm, and ejaculation; Peyronie's disease; and priapism. Expand
EDITS: development of questionnaires for evaluating satisfaction with treatments for erectile dysfunction.
Reliability and validity were well established, enabling the EDITSs to be used to assess satisfaction with treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction and to explore the impact of patient and partner satisfaction on treatment continuation. Expand
Quality of life and erectile dysfunction.
An evidence-based definition of lifelong premature ejaculation: report of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) ad hoc committee for the definition of premature ejaculation.
The ISSM definition of lifelong PE represents the first evidence-based definition of PE, and will hopefully lead to the development of new tools and Patient Reported Outcome measures for diagnosing and assessing the efficacy of treatment interventions and encourage ongoing research into the true prevalence of this disorder. Expand