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On the integral moduli of continuity in _{}(1<<∞) of Fourier series with monotone coefficients
respectively, where II p denotes the norm in Lp. The Lipschitz and Zygmund classes Ap and A* are then defined by cop(h; f) = 0(h) and c4*(h; f) = 0(h) respectively. The problem of what can be saidExpand
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0-regularity varying function.
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Approximation of continuous functions by typical means of their Fourier series
1. Notations and results, (i) Let C be the class of continuous and periodic functions/of period 27r such that fl*f(x)dx = 0. The Lipschitz and Zygmund class M'A«, and M2Aa or simply 'A,* and 2A«Expand
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