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Short communication: in vitro assessment of antioxidant, antibacterial and phytochemical analysis of peel of Citrus sinensis.
Antibacterial effect of Citrus sinensis peel extracts was evaluated against several pathogenic bacteria associated with human and fish infections viz., Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Expand
Comparative performance evaluation of conventional bleaching and enzymatic bleaching with glucose oxidase on knitted cotton fabric
Abstract The present research involves the enzymatic bleaching of cotton knitted fabric by using glucose oxidase. The performance of the enzymatic bleaching was compared with conventional bleachingExpand
Performance evaluation of a double drum dryer for potato flake production
A double drum dryer working under atmospheric pressure was developed for water evaporation rate of 20 kg/h. Potato slurry of 12% solid concentration was dried to obtain potato flakes. ExperimentsExpand
Therapeutic role of garlic and vitamins C and E against toxicity induced by lead on various organs
Due to industrial and urban sewage, the metal contaminations in aquatic and terrestrial environments are increasing day by day, especially in developing countries. Despite the study of several years,Expand
In vitro screening of mucus and solvent extracts of Eisenia foetida against human bacterial and fungal pathogens.
Earthworms are macro invertebrate and have been widely used as therapeutic drugs for thousands of years. In the current research, experiments viz., the antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidantExpand
Current state and prospects of the phytosynthesized colloidal gold nanoparticles and their applications in cancer theranostics
The design, development, and biomedical applications of phytochemical-based green synthesis of biocompatible colloidal gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are becoming an emerging field due to severalExpand
Identification of New Sources of Resistance to Tan Spot, Stagonospora Nodorum Blotch, and Septoria Tritici Blotch of Wheat
Leaf spot of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in North America consists of a group of diseases involving tan spot [Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (Died.) Drechs.], Stagonospora nodorum blotchExpand
Relationship between structure and dyeing properties of reactive dyes for cotton dyeing
Abstract Heterofunctional reactive dyes were studied for their dye fixation and colour strength for cotton fiber. Reactive dyes with different reactive groups (monochlorotriazine andExpand
Biological activities of Allium sativum and Zingiber officinale extracts on clinically important bacterial pathogens, their phytochemical and FT-IR spectroscopic analysis.
The spread of bacterial infectious diseases is a major public threat. Herbs and spices have offered an excellent, important and useful source of antimicrobial agents against many pathologicalExpand
Fabrication of poly (butadiene‐block‐ethylene oxide) based amphiphilic polymersomes: An approach for improved oral pharmacokinetics of Sorafenib
&NA; Sorafenib (SFN), a hydrophobic anticancer drug, has several limitations predominantly poor aqueous solubility and hepatic first‐pass effect, limiting its oral delivery that results into severalExpand