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Early dark energy does not restore cosmological concordance
Current cosmological data exhibit a tension between inferences of the Hubble constant, $H_0$, derived from early and late-universe measurements. One proposed solution is to introduce a new component
Leptogenesis from gravity waves in models of inflation.
We present a new mechanism for creating the observed cosmic matter-antimatter asymmetry which satisfies all three Sakharov conditions from one common thread, gravitational waves. We generate lepton
Local void vs dark energy: confrontation with WMAP and type Ia supernovae
It is now a known fact that if we happen to be living in the middle of a large underdense region, then we will observe an ``apparent acceleration'', even when any form of dark energy is absent. In
Constraining early dark energy with large-scale structure
An axion-like field comprising $\sim 10\%$ of the energy density of the universe near matter-radiation equality is a candidate to resolve the Hubble tension; this is the "early dark energy" (EDE)
Brane gases in the early Universe
Over the past decade it has become clear that fundamental strings are not the only fundamental degrees of freedom in string theory. D-branes are also part of the spectrum of fundamental states. In
Testing gravitational parity violation with coincident gravitational waves and short gamma-ray bursts
Gravitational parity violation is a possibility motivated by particle physics, string theory, and loop quantum gravity. One effect of it is amplitude birefringence of gravitational waves, whereby
Birefringent Gravitational Waves and the Consistency Check of Inflation
In this work we show that the gravitational Chern-Simons term, aside from being a key ingredient in inflationary baryogenesis, modifies super-horizon gravitational waves produced during inflation. We
Gravitational-wave probe of effective quantum gravity
All modern routes leading to a quantum theory of gravity - i.e., perturbative quantum gravitational one-loop exact correction to the global chiral current in the standard model, string theory, and
Gravitational origin of the weak interaction's chirality
We present a new unification of the electro-weak and gravitational interactions based on the joining the weak SU(2) gauge fields with the left handed part of the spacetime connection, into a single