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Effects of pesticide temephos on the gills of Aphanius dispar (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae).
The changes in the behavior of Aphanius dispar, a cyprinodont fish when exposed to different concentrations of temephos, an organophosphorus pesticide widely used to control mosquito larvae inExpand
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Isolation, characterization, and multiplexing of novel microsatellite markers for the tropical scalloped spiny lobster (Panulirus homarus).
Of the various spiny lobster species in the tropical and subtropical Indo-West Pacific region, the tropical scalloped spiny lobster (Panulirus homarus) supports one of the most commercially valuableExpand
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Inter-annual variability of mesoscale eddy occurrence in the western Arabian Sea
The western Arabian Sea is known for its intensive upwelling developed seasonally along the Omani coast as well as for numerous mesoscale eddies originating in and passing through waters withExpand
Precision of Age Estimation in Goldlined Seabream Rhabdosargus sarba (Sparidae) from the Arabian Sea, Oman
Accurate age determination of commercial fish is vital to successful fisheries management. Reliable age determination is essential for almost all aspects of fishery research, especially for study ofExpand
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