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How can urban context maintain urban identity and sustainability: Evaluations of Taormina (Sicily) and Kyrenia (North Cyprus)
I centri abitati con un’identita ben definita rivelano che l’elemento maggio mente determinante del carattere urbano e il contesto locale, formato dalla sommatoria di tutti gli elementi fisici eExpand
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Building Destruction: The Consequences of Rising Urbanization on Cultural Heritage in the Ramallah Province
Urbanization, particularly in terms of private housing construction, constitutes a mounting threat to cultural heritage sites in Palestine. At risk are not only archaeological sites, but traditionalExpand
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The Destruction of Palestinian Archaeological Heritage: Saffa Village as a Model
Between 1967 and 1993, during the era of complete Israeli civilian and military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians were unable to manage and protect the archaeological and culturalExpand
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Archaeology Programs at the Palestinian Universities: Reality and Challenges
Over the past three centuries, Palestine, a country rich in historic and archaeological sites, has drawn many archaeologists, historians, scholars, clergymen, adventurers and treasure seekers, allExpand
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Archaeological Heritage and Related Institutions in the Palestinian National Territories 16 Years After Signing the Oslo Accords
Since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Palestinians have made every effort to preserve, conserve and promote Palestine’s cultural heritage resources in their national territories. In order toExpand
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Survey of the Historic Core of Saffa Village
Abstract The historic core of Saffa Village covers an area of about 22.5 acres, and is still in use for residential, commercial, and administrative purposes and is a space for public activities. ItExpand
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The Byzantine Church of Khirbet et-Tireh
Khirbet et-Tireh was inhabited from the Hellenistic to Early Islamic periods and was later used for agriculture through the Ottoman period to modern times. It suffered severe damage due to urbanExpand
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Agricultural Watchtowers in Al-Tireh Quarter and ‘Ain Qinia Village, Ramallah, Palestine
Al-Tireh quarter and ‘Ain Qinia village on the fringes of the city of Ramallah, Palestine, contains a remarkable variety of watchtower structures that are still standing within their landscapeExpand
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The Byzantine Church of Khirbet el-Lauz
The church of Khirbet el-Lauz, like several thousand other historical and archaeological features throughout the Palestinian occupied Territories, has been excavated illegally during the last fewExpand
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Archaeological Heritage and Spiritual Protection: Looting and the Jinn in Palestine
Archaeological sites in the Occupied Palestinian National Territories (OPNT) are suffering from severe destruction through the activities of antiquities looters. The main reasons for this escalatingExpand
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