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Alkaloids ofSenecio jacobea, Heliotropium acutiflorum, andH. transoxanum
1. S. Kh. Maekh and S. Yu° Yunusov, KhPS [Chemistry of Natural Compounds], 1, 294, 1965; M. Shamma et a l . , Chem. Commun. , 7, 1966. 2. S. Kh. Maekh and S. Yu. Yunusov, KhPS [Chemistry of Natural
Structure of prangosine
SummaryFrom the results of the UV and IR spectra of pranosine and its conversion products and of oxidation, acetylation, methylation, and Hofmann degradation reactions, it has been established that
Nmr spectrum of prangosine
Mass-spectrometric study of prangosine
Structure of norloline, loline, and lolinine
SummaryOn the basis of a study of the oxidation products, the course of the Hofmann degradation, the reduction of tetrahydrohemiloline methiodide, and other properties of the alkaloids investigated,
Stachydrine fromCapparis spinosa
The roots and leaves of _C. spinosa gathered in the Farish region of the Syr-Dar'ya region were extracted with water. The aqueous extract was evaporated in vacuum to dryness, and the resulting dark
Structure of the alkaloids of the gentian
ConclusionsAn analysis of the NMR spectra of three new alkaloids of Gentiana (gentianadine, gentianamine, and gentianaine) has confirmed the correctness of the structures previously established for
Alkaloids ofGentiana. Structure of gentianadine and gentianamine
Summary1. Gentianine and the three new alkaloids gentiananine, gentianadine, and gentianamine have been isolated fromGentiana turkestanorum andG. olivieri; gentianadine is identical with synthetic
Phospholipids of pomegranate seeds