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Cryptographic solution to a problem of access control in a hierarchy
Assume t h a t the users of a c o m p u t e r (or c o M m m u n i c a t i o n ) s y s t e m are d iv ided in to a n u m b e r of d i s jo in sets, /_}1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6, U7. Expand
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Design and analysis of parallel algorithms
Kurskod: 5DV050 Inrättad: 2012-02-29 Reviderad av: teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakultetsnämnden Kursplan giltig från: 2012, vecka 10 Ansvarig enhet: Inst för datavetenskap SCB-ämnesrubrik: Informatik/Data systemvetenskapsrubrik. Expand
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Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing: State of the Art and Open Problems
In this paper, the state of current research on scheduling algorithms for Grid computing is surveyed and open problems will be discussed. Expand
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Parallel computation: models and methods
  • S. Akl
  • Computer Science
  • 1 March 1997
1. Introduction2. Models of Computation3. Combinational Circuits4. Parallel Prefix Computation5. Divide and Conquer6. Pointer-Based Data Structures7. Linear Arrays8. Meshes and Related Models9.Expand
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A Fast Convex Hull Algorithm
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Parallel computational geometry
Models of parallel computation convex hull intersection problems geometric searching visibility and separability nearest neighbours Vonoroi diagrams geometric optimization triangulation of polygons and point sets current trends future directions. Expand
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Matrix Operations Using Arrays with Reconfigurable Optical Buses*
This paper examines the possibility of implementing matrix operations on an array with reconfigurable optical buses (AROB). Expand
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Optimal Parallel Merging and Sorting Without Memory Conflicts
A parallel algorithm is described for merging two sorted vectors of total length N. The algorithm runs on a shared-memory model of parallel computation that disallows more than one processor to simultaneously read from or write into the same memory location. Expand
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The principal continuation and the killer heuristic
An algorithm is presented for obtaining the principal continuation in trees searched by two-person game playing programs based on the Alpha-Beta algorithm. Expand
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An Optimal Algorithm for Assigning Cryptographic Keys to Control Access in a Hierarchy
A cryptographic scheme for controlling access to information within a group of users organized in a hierarchy was proposed in [1]. Expand
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