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Abstract A fuzzy logic prediction model for the 28-day compressive strength of cement mortar under standard curing conditions was created. Data collected from a cement plant were used in the modelExpand
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The use of recycled paper processing residues in making porous brick with reduced thermal conductivity
Production of porous and light-weight bricks with reduced thermal conductivity and acceptable compressive strength is accomplished. Paper processing residues were used as an additive to anExpand
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Characteristics of brick used as aggregate in historic brick-lime mortars and plasters
Mortars and plasters composed of a mixture of brick powder and lime have been used since ancient times due to their hydraulic properties. In this study, raw material compositions, basic physical,Expand
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The use of GA-ANNs in the modelling of compressive strength of cement mortar
In this paper, results of a project aimed at modelling the compressive strength of cement mortar under standard curing conditions are reported. Plant data were collected for 6 months for the chemicalExpand
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Additive and intensive grinding effects on the synthesis of cordierite
Abstract Cordierite was mechanochemically synthesized by mixing proper amounts of kaolin, talc and Al(OH) 3 . Full factorial experiments were planned, conducted, and the results were analyzed by theExpand
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Artificial neural networks applications in building energy predictions and a case study for tropical climates
SUMMARY This study presents artificial neural network (ANN) methods in building energy use predictions. Applications of the ANN methods in energy audits and energy savings predictions due to buildingExpand
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Thermal performance optimization of hollow clay bricks made up of paper waste
Abstract In this paper, the thermal behavior of hollow clay bricks made up of paper waste has been studied and their thermal performance has been optimized. On the one hand, both strength and thermalExpand
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Sintering and microstructural investigation of gamma–alpha alumina powders
Abstract Sintering behaviors of commercially available alumina powders were investigated using constant-heating rate dilatometric experiments. Each powder had different proportion of alpha/gammaExpand
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Evaluation of heat treated clay for potential use in intervention mortars
Abstract In this study, raw material compositions, basic physical, mineralogical, microstructural and hydraulic properties of lime mortars used in two selected historic buildings were determined byExpand
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Quantification of CaCO3–CaSO3·0.5H2O–CaSO4·2H2O mixtures by FTIR analysis and its ANN model
Abstract A new quantitative analysis method for mixtures of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ), calcium sulphite hemihydrate (CaSO 3 ·1/2H 2 O) and gypsum (CaSO 4 ·2H 2 O) by FTIR spectroscopy is developed.Expand
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