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Re-Thinking Migrants’ Networks and Social Capital: A Case Study of Iranians in Turkey
Existing research on international migration has focused on the importance of social networks and social capital in the countries of origin and destination. However, much less is known about theExpand
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Conversion as a Migration Strategy in a Transit Country: Iranian Shiites Becoming Christians in Turkey
The role of religion during migration processes has been overlooked by scholars in the past although the relationship between religion and migration has a long history. Normally, religion isExpand
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Turkish Associations in the United States: Towards Building a Transnational Identity
Abstract Migrant associations have always been an important feature of migrant communities, assuming a significant role towards identity formation and integration in the host society. SuchExpand
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The Politics of Syrian Refugees in Turkey: A Question of Inclusion and Exclusion through Citizenship
Turkey began to receive refugees from Syria in 2011 and has since become the country hosting the highest number of refugees, with more than 3.5 million Syrians and half a million people of otherExpand
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What’s God got to do with it ? The role of religion in the internal dynamics of migrants’ networks in Turkey
So far, immigration scholars have mostly taken up the religion issue in terms of adaptation or non-adaptation to the host society and research on the role of religion as carriers of positive socialExpand
Do brains really going down the drain? Highly skilled Turkish migrants in the usa and the brain drain debate in Turkey
Un « exode » excessif des cerveaux, ou l'emigration d'individus hautement qualifies est considere comme un facteur qui influe fortement, de maniere negative, sur la productivite intellectuelle etExpand
South Asian Refugees in India
Ziyaret and Practical Spirituality: Women’s Shrine Visits in Anatolia
Women’s devotional subculture in the form of shrine visits in Turkey is an entry point to refine our understanding of women’s religiosity. We ask if ziyaret is in opposition to or complements theExpand
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Religious conversions in forced migration: Comparative cases of Afghans in India and Iranians in Turkey
This article examines closely the crucial link between religious conversions of two groups of refugees from Islam to Evangelism by taking up the cases of Afghan and Iranian refugees in India and inExpand
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Sites of Power and Resistance or Melting Pots? A Gendered Understanding of Islam through Sufi Shrines in Turkey
Turkey is located on ancient sacred geography comprising shrines or tombs of revered saints. Like in many other Islamic countries, visiting the shrines of Sufis (ziyaret) and saint veneration is anExpand
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