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Muslims, Multiculturalism and the Question of the Silent Majority
Cultural diversity is the norm in Australia and the United Kingdom. Both states celebrate multiculturalism. But some populist politicians, commentators, and quasi-academics have recently portrayedExpand
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Why did nationalism fail in Tajikistan
TAJIKISTAN'S IMMEDIATE POST-SOVIET experience was fraught with personal intrigue, regional conflict and ethnic bloodshed. Unlike other Central Asian states, Tajikistan's transition to independenceExpand
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Investing in Mentoring and Educational Initiatives:The Limits of De-Radicalisation Programmes in Australia
Abstract The Australian Government has tried to counter the threat of Islamic extremism by investing in mentoring and educational initiatives. Fearful of the potential for “home-grown” extremism,Expand
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Islam in Australia
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State Identity in Iranian Foreign Policy
Abstract This article examines the role of corporate identity in Iran’s foreign policy making. Drawing on interviews with Iranian stakeholders and an analysis of Iran’s political developments, thisExpand
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Muslim active citizenship in Australia: Socioeconomic challenges and the emergence of a Muslim elite
The most recent national Census demonstrated that Australian Muslims continue to occupy a socioeconomically disadvantaged position. On key indicators of unemployment rate, income, type of occupationExpand
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The Muslim Question in Australia: Islamophobia and Muslim Alienation
Abstract Islamophobia has become a significant problem across the Western world. Australia is no exception. The emergence of far right groups and a political environment that allows anti-IslamicExpand
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Nation-building in Uzbekistan
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Iran and Daesh: The Case of a Reluctant Shia Power
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Us Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Roots of Anti-Americanism
Introduction 1. The Middle East in the Colonial Period 2. Great Power Influences, Zionism and the Middle East 3. Israel and the Arabs at war: Superpower Dimensions and the Israeli-US Alliance 4.Expand
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