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The Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to Document Research in an Everglades Physical Model
The Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA) facility is a unique physical model of the Everglades ecosystem. LILA has a closed-loop water delivery system and consists of four 0.08 squareExpand
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Estimating soil subsidence and carbon loss in the Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida using geospatial techniques
Abstract Climate change due to elevated carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere presents a long-term threat to the biosphere. The contribution of soil oxidation to global carbon dioxide levels is ofExpand
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An evaluation of peat loss from an Everglades tree island, Florida, USA.
The tree islands of the Everglades are considered to be biodiversity “hotspots”, where the majority of terrestrial species of the Everglades are found. Drainage for agricultural and urban developmentExpand
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Geospatial analysis of the association between bedrock fractures and vegetation in an arid environment
Remote sensing and GIS techniques were applied to a high resolution air photograph from Arches National Park, Utah in order to quantify the spatial correlation between bedrock fractures and theExpand
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Broadband pulsed high power amplifier design using load-pull technique
This paper illustrates the nonlinear design and realization of L-Band broadband pulsed high power amplifier to deliver peak output power of 45 W at centre frequency of 1.25 GHz with 20% bandwidth. ToExpand
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Optimization of the metallic vessel-wall effect on the magnetic diagnostics calibration in ADITYA-U tokamak
Abstract ADITYA-U has been recently upgraded to limiter-divertor configuration from limiter configuration. Commissioning of various magnetic diagnostics along with the data acquisition system is doneExpand
GaN based L-band high power and high efficiency pulsed transmitter
This paper illustrates the design and development of L-Band GaN based high power, high efficiency pulsed transmitter to deliver peak output power of 50W at centre frequency of 1.25 GHz with 75 MHzExpand
An Indirect Analytical Method for Finding the Magnetic Field at any Point on the Azimuthal Plane of a Conducting Loop : A Filamentary Model Approach
Tokamak plasma characterisation is strongly correlated with the analysis of magnetic fields due to currents flowing in circular coils as well as in the plasma which forms a circular loop inside aExpand
Electrical-Model of ADITYA-U Tokamak
An Electrical-Model is developed for ADITYA-U Tokamak to study the generation of different shapes and duration of LVs out of the total available flux, which is 0.6 Vs in positive convertor supply.Expand