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Anisotropic material properties of fused deposition modeling ABS
Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies provide the ability to fabricate initial prototypes from various model materials. Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a typical RP process that canExpand
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Condition monitoring and fault detection of wind turbines and related algorithms: A review
Renewable energy sources like wind energy are copiously available without any limitation. Wind turbines are used to tap the potential of wind energy, which is available in millions of MW. ReliabilityExpand
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A flexible and highly sensitive strain-gauge sensor using reversible interlocking of nanofibres.
Flexible skin-attachable strain-gauge sensors are an essential component in the development of artificial systems that can mimic the complex characteristics of the human skin. In general, suchExpand
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Measurement of anisotropic compressive strength of rapid prototyping parts
Abstract Rapid prototyping (RP) technologies provide the ability to fabricate initial prototypes from various model materials. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) and 3D printer are commercial RPExpand
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Optimization of hybrid renewable energy power systems: A review
The characteristics of power produced from photovoltaic (PV) and Wind systems are based on the weather condition. Both the system are very unreliable in itself without sufficient capacity storageExpand
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Practical aspects of a condition monitoring system for a wind turbine with emphasis on its design, system architecture, testing and installation
A condition monitoring system (CMS) plays a critical role in tapping the maximum potential of wind energy through wind turbine by minimizing the downtime. It has been proved that the CMS-basedExpand
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A novel off-grid hybrid power system comprised of solar photovoltaic, wind, and hydro energy sources
Several factors must be considered before adopting a full-phase power generation system based on renewable energy sources. Long-term necessary data (for one year if possible) should be collectedExpand
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A comparison of energy consumption in bulk forming, subtractive, and additive processes: Review and case study
In addition to the steps taken to ensure optimal efficiency in industry, significant effort has been directed towards the green and sustainable manufacturing practices. In this paper, we reviewExpand
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Locomotion of inchworm-inspired robot made of smart soft composite (SSC).
A soft-bodied robot made of smart soft composite with inchworm-inspired locomotion capable of both two-way linear and turning movement has been proposed, developed, and tested. The robot was dividedExpand
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Mathematical modeling of hybrid renewable energy system: A review on small hydro-solar-wind power generation
Harnessing energy from alternative energy source has been recorded since early history. Renewable energy is abundantly found anywhere, free of cost and has non-polluting characteristics. However,Expand
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