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Rationales in the Development of Dissolution Testing for Solid Oral Dosage Forms - An Industrial, Biopharmaceutical and Regulatory Perspective
This article encompasses various concepts, methods and procedures used in the dissolution testing of solid oral dosage forms, including choice of medium, apparatus and agitation speed. Expand
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Efficiency of electronic public service delivery in India: public-private partnership as a critical factor
The dynamics of public administration in India have altered drastically with the introduction of e-governance as a guiding concept in the late 1980s. Expand
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Reform and Modernity in Islam: The Philosophical, Cultural and Political Discourses Among Muslim Reformers
Chapter 1: Islamic Modernism and the Reification of Religion Chapter 2: Literary Romanticism and Islamic Modernity: The Case of Urdu Poetry Chapter 3: Education and the Status of Women Chapter 4:Expand
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Literary Romanticism and Islamic Modernity: The Case of Urdu Poetry
Abstract In the nineteenth century, Muslim modernist reformers sought to ground an agenda for social and political rejuvenation in a return to the spirit of the early Muslim community. However, theExpand
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Hazeen Live at Shh Centre 4 Hybrid Arts
Creeping Sharia: An Extreme Response to Islamophobia
Abstract This chapter explores the theoretical foundations of Hazeen, a Muslim blackened death metal band formed in 2015 by the authors - Safdar Ahmed on guitar and vocals, and Can Yalcinkaya on theExpand
‘Father of No One's Son’
This article will relate the photographs of tortured prisoners from Iraq's Abu Ghraib gaol to the work of the Iraqi painter, Ayad Alkadhi. Whilst the images from Abu Ghraib have had an enormousExpand
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Warm Bodies: Halloween party performance
Progressive Islam and Quranic Hermeneutics
In this chapter, I analyze the hermeneutical theories and approaches of modern Muslim reformers, paying special attention to the dialectical relationship that exists between Islamist interpretationsExpand
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