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Stratigraphic and structural evolution of the Tertiary Cosmelli Basin and its relationship to the Chile triple junction
At the Taitao Peninsula, in southern Chile (46.5°S), an active mid-ocean ridge is being subducted under the South American continent. Continental crust south of the current triple junction hasExpand
Characterization and interpretation of discontinuity surfaces in a Jurassic ramp setting (High Atlas, Morocco)
Discontinuity surfaces are widely recognized but often poorly understood features of epeiric carbonate settings. In sedimentary systems, these features often represent hiatus surfaces belowExpand
Triassic Latemar cycle tops — Subaerial exposure of platform carbonates under tropical arid climate
The Triassic Latemar platform in the Dolomites, Italy, is the site of several ongoing controversies. Perhaps the most interesting debate focuses on apparent cyclic deposition within the LatemarExpand
Outcrop analog for an oolitic carbonate ramp reservoir: A scale-dependent geologic modeling approach based on stratigraphic hierarchy
Considerable effort has been devoted to the development of simulation algorithms for facies modeling, whereas a discussion of how to combine those techniques has not existed. The integration ofExpand
Seismic responses to ridge-transform subduction:Chile triple junction
The first local seismic network established in the remote region bordering the Chile triple junction monitored earthquakes at a rate of three per day with magnitudes M = 0 to M = 4, far smaller thanExpand
Modelling and simulation of a Jurassic carbonate ramp outcrop, Amellago, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Carbonate reservoirs pose significant challenges for reservoir modelling and flow prediction due to heterogeneities in rock properties, limits to seismic resolution and limited constraints onExpand
Numerical simulation of fluid-flow processes in a 3D high-resolution carbonate reservoir analogue
A high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) outcrop model of a Jurassic carbonate ramp was used in order to perform a series of detailed and systematic flow simulations. The aim of this study was toExpand
Alternation of microbial mounds and ooid shoals (Middle Jurasssic, Morocco): Response to paleoenvironmental changes
Abstract The occurrence of neritic microbial carbonates is often related to ecological refuges, where grazers and other competitors are reduced by environmental conditions, or to post-extinctionExpand
Capturing and modelling metre‐scale spatial facies heterogeneity in a Jurassic ramp setting (Central High Atlas, Morocco)
Each simulation algorithm, including Truncated Gaussian Simulation, Sequential Indicator Simulation and Indicator Kriging is characterized by different operating modes, which variably influence theExpand
Fracture evolution in the upper ocean crust: evidence from DSDP hole 504B
  • S. Agar
  • Geology
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1990
Abstract Detailed structural studies of ocean crust specimens from DSDP borehole 504B have been integrated with a well defined alteration history to yield fracture evolution paths during movementExpand