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FtsN, a late recruit to the septum in Escherichia coli
The localization of FtsN in Escherichia coli was investigated by immunofluorescence microscopy. FtsN is an essential cell division protein with a simple bitopic topology, a short N‐terminalExpand
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Molecular Evolution of FtsZ Protein Sequences Encoded Within the Genomes of Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukaryota
The FtsZ protein is a polymer-forming GTPase which drives bacterial cell division and is structurally and functionally related to eukaryotic tubulins. We have searched for FtsZ-related sequences inExpand
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FtsZ ring formation in fts mutants.
The formation of FtsZ rings (Z rings) in various fts mutants was examined by immunoelectron microscopy and immunofluorescence. In two temperature-sensitive ftsZ mutants which form filaments withExpand
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Bacterial cell division and the Z ring.
Bacterial cell division occurs through the formation of an FtsZ ring (Z ring) at the site of division. The ring is composed of the tubulin-like FtsZ protein that has GTPase activity and the abilityExpand
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FtsA is localized to the septum in an FtsZ-dependent manner.
The localization of the cell division protein FtsA in E. coli was examined. FtsA was found to localize to the septum in a ring pattern as previously shown for FtsZ. The localization of FtsA wasExpand
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FtsZ polymer-bundling by the Escherichia coli ZapA orthologue, YgfE, involves a conformational change in bound GTP.
Cell division is a fundamental process for both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. In bacteria, cell division is driven by a dynamic, ring-shaped, cytoskeletal element (the Z-ring) made up of polymersExpand
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ftsW is an essential cell‐division gene in Escherichia coli
In the absence of exogenous promoters, plasmid‐mediated complementation of the temperature‐sensitive ftsW201 allele requires the presence of the full coding sequence of ftsW plus upstream DNAExpand
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FtsZ‐spirals and ‐arcs determine the shape of the invaginating septa in some mutants of Escherichia coli
The essential cell division protein FtsZ forms a dynamic ring structure at the future division site. This Z‐ring contracts during cell division while maintaining a position at the leading edge of theExpand
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Colonyzer: automated quantification of micro-organism growth characteristics on solid agar
Colonyzer is a collection of image analysis algorithms for automatic quantification of the size, granularity, colour and location of micro-organism cultures grown on solid agar. Expand
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Quantitative Fitness Analysis Shows That NMD Proteins and Many Other Protein Complexes Suppress or Enhance Distinct Telomere Cap Defects
To better understand telomere biology in budding yeast, we have performed systematic suppressor/enhancer analyses on yeast strains containing a point mutation in the essential telomere capping geneExpand
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