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Functional Pearls Efficient sets—a balancing act
  • S. Adams
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Functional Programming
  • 1 October 1993
In late 1991 I organized an international programming competition for the Standard ML community. Each entrant implemented the 'set of integers' abstract data type, matching a signature that I
Information Sources in Patents
L'evento e il primo appuntamento del ciclo di seminari "Strumenti per conoscere la letteratura brevettuale", organizzato da Sardegna Ricerche e dall'Industrial Liaison office dell'Universita di
Is the full text the full answer? – Considerations of database quality
  • S. Adams
  • Computer Science
    World Patent Information
  • 8 February 2017
A practitioner's view on PaIR
  • S. Adams
  • Computer Science
    PaIR '11
  • 24 October 2011
This paper will present the author's reaction to challenges, from the point of view of an industry practitioner, and present a model of how improvements to patent information systems will need to take place across a broad front in order to be of use to the diverse user base for patent information.
SmithKline Beecham: analysis of patenting 1995 - 1998
This study of SmithKline Beecham over 4 years shows that the company’s patenting activity has increased strongly in recent years, as a proportion of total pharmaceutical patents published. The patent
Pfizer: analysis of patenting 1995 - 1998
The article complements a 1995 review of Pfizer’s patenting activity, and presents updated information on the company’s major therapeutic areas, key inventors and geographic extent of patent