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Sphericity measurements by the radial method: I. Mathematical fundamentals
Traditionally, form errors of spherical components have been assessed on the basis of roundness profiles measured in several randomly selected cross-sections. However, such evaluation is superficial,Expand
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Determining the theoretical method error during an on-machine roundness measurement
An analysis of the theoretical method error for roundness profiles based on the assessment of radial variations. Expand
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The analysis of the impact of the design parameters on the friction torque in ball bearings
One of the many factors influencing the frictional moment in the bearings are construction parameters. These parameters include curvature ratio (the ratio of the radius of the track to the diameterExpand
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Calculating the parameters of the associated circle for interrupted roundness profiles
e-m a i l : k s t ep i en @ t u . k i el c e. p l b e p e r f o r m e d a t a h i g h a m p l i f i c a t i o n r a t e , w h i c h r e d u c e s t h e l e v e l o f m e a s u r e m e n t -r e l a tExpand
The Effect of Deflections and Elastic Deformations on Geometrical Deviation and Shape Profile Measurements of Large Crankshafts with Uncontrolled Supports
This article presents a multi-criteria analysis of the errors that may occur while measuring the geometric deviations of crankshafts that require multi-point support, especially those of the main journal axes' positions. Expand
− In many industries (for example, in paper, electric or ship industry), large and heavy cylindrical elements play very important role. Such workpieces should posses very good quality of form andExpand
The Comparison of Cylindricity Profiles Using Normalized Cross Correlation Function
Nowadays the possibilities of carrying out cylindricity measurements in industrial conditions are s limited. Therefore at the Kielce University of Technology concept of using so-called referenceExpand
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