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Renal cell carcinoma presenting with gross hematuria from a solitary bladder metastasis.
The first case in which the diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma was made following biopsy of an actively bleeding solitary bladder metastasis of a clear cell carcinomas of the kidney is reported. Expand
Office urologic ultrasound.
Office-based, urologist-operated ultrasound should not replace the proper evaluation of the patient by a radiologist who is trained specifically to make diagnoses using this modality, but for quick, efficient evaluation of a patient to uncover a disease process, office ultrasonography may supplement the information available through routine history, physical examination, and laboratory studies. Expand
Urinary undiversion using the existing ileal loop and distal right ureter.
Including ileum into the urinary tract in this technique of undiversion is a safe and effective clinical alternative in selected patients and does not become a reservoir over time. Expand
Measurement and partial characterization of an interleukin-2 inhibitor (IL-2-IN) in human urine.
A human urine-derived protein complex (IL-2-IN) which competitively inhibits interleukin-2 ( IL-2) dependent murine lymphocyte proliferation and is used to stratify the immune response of patients to bacteria in the bladder. Expand