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Piperazine derivatives as iron chelators: a potential application in neurobiology
Polysubstituted piperazine derivatives were synthesized and fully characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectroscopy demonstrating that high affinity for iron is not associated with important neuroprotective effects. Expand
Design and synthesis of 3-isoxazolidone derivatives as new Chlamydia trachomatis inhibitors.
This study synthesizes 3-isoxazolidone derivatives bearing known chelating moieties in an attempt to develop new bactericidal anti-Chlamydiaceae molecules and investigates the paths by which these new compounds affect Ct serovar L2 development in HeLa cells, in the presence or absence of exogenously added iron. Expand
Synthèse de chelateurs du fer et applications
L'objectif de cette these est de synthetiser des composes chelateurs du fer afin de les utiliser dans diverses applications. Nous nous sommes concentres sur deux d'entre elles : la neuroprotectionExpand