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The role of trees in urban stormwater management.
Urban impervious surfaces convert precipitation to stormwater runoff, which causes water quality and quantity problems. While traditional stormwater management has relied on gray infrastructure suchExpand
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Woody vegetative cover dynamics in response to recent climate change on an Atlantic coast barrier island: a remote sensing approach
Considering impacts of predicted increases in sea-level, storms, and alterations in precipitation patterns on geomorphological and associated ecological processes, woody vegetation dynamics may serveExpand
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Spatial–Temporal Dynamics in Barrier Island Upland Vegetation: The Overlooked Coastal Landscape
AbstractBarrier islands provide the first line of defense against storms for millions of people living in coastal areas. Upland vegetation (that is, grassland, shrubland, and maritime forest) hasExpand
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Variation in the urban vegetation, surface temperature, air temperature nexus.
Our study examines the urban vegetation - air temperature (Ta) - land surface temperature (LST) nexus at micro- and regional-scales to better understand urban climate dynamics and the uncertainty inExpand
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Plant functional traits of a shrub invader relative to sympatric native shrubs
Woody expansion has been documented for years in many different systems, often the result of anthropogenic changes to the environment. Causes and consequences of woody expansion have been wellExpand
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The influence of vegetation, mesoclimate and meteorology on urban atmospheric microclimates across a coastal to desert climate gradient.
Many cities are increasing vegetation in part due to the potential for microclimate cooling. However, the magnitude of vegetation cooling and sensitivity to mesoclimate and meteorology are uncertain.Expand
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Coordination of leaf N, anatomy, photosynthetic capacity, and hydraulics enhances evergreen expansive potential
AbstractKey messageReduced leaf longevity, N-fixation, and enhanced hydraulic capacity combined support greater shifts in seasonal photosynthetic capacity of an expansive understory evergreen woodyExpand
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Urban outdoor water use and response to drought assessed through mobile energy balance and vegetation greenness measurements
Urban vegetation provides many highly valued ecosystem services but also requires extensive urban water resources. Increasingly, cities are experiencing water limitations and managing outdoor urbanExpand
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Avian Seed Dispersal on Virginia Barrier Islands: Potential Influence on Vegetation Community Structure and Patch Dynamics
Abstract Quantification of seed arrival as an ecological flux may improve understanding of patch dynamics and variations in community structure across the landscape. Microsites favorable forExpand
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