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A comprehensive comparative study of DGA based transformer fault diagnosis using fuzzy logic and ANFIS models
In this work, Dissolved gas Analysis (DGA) has been implemented using soft computing models namely fuzzy logic and Adaptive Neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). DGA has developed as an effectiveExpand
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A novel sol–gel thin film porous alumina based capacitive sensor for measuring trace moisture in the range of 2.5–25 ppm
Abstract Present work deals with the development of a low cost moisture sensor for measuring moisture in the range of 2.5–25 ppm using nanoporous thin film of alumina (γ-Al2O3). Thin film of γ-Al2O3Expand
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An online method for condition based maintenance of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
The ever increasing demand for low percentage of the total harmonic distortion (%THD) and for high power factor (HPF) have resulted in the usage of high energy density aluminum electrolyticExpand
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Sensor calibration and compensation using artificial neural network.
Artificial neural network (ANN) based inverse modeling technique is used for sensor response linearization. The choice of the order of the model and the number of the calibration points are importantExpand
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On-line Condition Monitoring and Maintenance of Power Electronic Converters
This paper presents on-line technique for condition based maintenance of power electronic converters. The wear-out condition for high failure rate components is obtained based on parametricExpand
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A Relaxation Oscillator-Based Transformer Ratio Arm Bridge Circuit for Capacitive Humidity Sensor
A simple signal conditioning circuit using a transformer ratio arm (TRA) bridge for converting capacitance change into frequency for capacitive sensors is presented. The circuit employs a relaxationExpand
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A Simple MOX Vapor Sensor on Polyimide Substrate for Measuring Humidity in ppm Level
This paper deals with the development of a novel metal-oxide-based sensor for measuring moisture in ppm level. The device consists of parallel plate capacitive structure having γ-Al2O3 nanostructuredExpand
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Advance Oscilloscope Triggering
In this paper, we present an advanced triggering method for digital oscilloscopes for measurements involving complex waveforms that are challenging even today. Based on the associative-memoryExpand
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An MIP-Based Novel Capacitive Sensor to Detect 2-FAL Concentration in Transformer Oil
A novel capacitive sensor, which can detect 2-Furfuraldehyde (2-FAL, C5H4O2, in ppm order) in transformer oil, is developed. No such sensor is reported earlier in the literature. The 2-FAL isExpand
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