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A defect in dystrophin causes a novel porcine stress syndrome
BackgroundLosses of slaughter-weight pigs due to transport stress are both welfare and economic concerns to pork producers. Historically, the HAL-1843 mutation in ryanodine receptor 1 was consideredExpand
Development and model testing of antemortem screening methodology to predict required drug withholds in heifers.
A simple, cow-side test for the presence of drug residues in live animal fluids would provide useful information for tissue drug residue avoidance programs. This work describes adaptation andExpand
In-Feed Tylosin Phosphate Administration to Feedlot Cattle Minimally Affects Antimicrobial Resistance.
The macrolide class antimicrobial tylosin (trade name Tylan) is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for continuous inclusion in feed for liver abscess prevention. To address concernsExpand
Timing of transcriptomic and proteomic changes in the bovine placentome after parturition.
Proper post-partum reproductive performance is important for reproductive efficiency in beef cows, and dystocia decreases post-partum fertility. Crossbred beef cows (n = 1676) were evaluated forExpand
Genome Wide Association Analysis of Lung Lesions in Cattle using Sample Pooling
Lung samples were collected from 11,520 young cattle from a large beef processing plant in central Nebraska. Lung samples with lesions (cases) and healthy lungs (controls) were collected when bothExpand
Is There a Genetic Solution to Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex
Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC) is a multi-factor disease, which increases costs and reduces revenue from feedlot cattle. Multiple stressors and pathogens (viral and bacterial) have beenExpand