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Biogeochemical cycling and microbial diversity in the thrombolitic microbialites of Highborne Cay, Bahamas.
The distinctive microbial communities and chemical cycling patterns within the thrombolitic mats provide novel insight into the biogeochemical processes related to the lithifying mats in this system, and provide data relevant to understanding microbially induced carbonate biomineralization. Expand
Reconstructed evolutionary adaptive paths give polymerases accepting reversible terminators for sequencing and SNP detection
Any system, natural or human-made, is better understood if we analyze both its history and its structure. Here we combine structural analyses with a “Reconstructed Evolutionary Adaptive Path” (REAP)Expand
Role of mrgA in peroxide and light stress in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
In the absence of MrgA, which is known to be involved in the storage or mobilization of iron, cells can be more easily damaged by exogenous oxidative and light stress. Expand
Comparative Characterization of the Microbial Diversities of an Artificial Microbialite Model and a Natural Stromatolite
A model artificial microbialite system derived from natural stromatolites, a type of microbialite, collected from Exuma Sound, Bahamas is developed and it is proposed that such model Artificial microbialites can serve as experimental analogues fornatural strom atolites. Expand
Characterization of Two Methanopterin Biosynthesis Mutants of Methylobacterium extorquens AM1 by Use of a Tetrahydromethanopterin Bioassay
Results provide the first biochemical evidence for H(4)MPT biosynthesis genes in bacteria. Expand
Incorporation of Multiple Sequential Pseudothymidines by DNA Polymerases and Their Impact on DNA Duplex Structure
These results constrain architectures for sequencing, quantitating, and analyzing DNA analogs that exploit C-glycosides, and define better the challenge of creating a synthetic biology using these with natural polymerases. Expand
Role ofmrgA in peroxideand light stress in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp.PCC6803
In the unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, the mrgA gene is part of the PerR regulon that is upregulated during peroxide stress. We determined that an DmrgA mutant was highlyExpand