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Application of optimal control law to laser guided bomb
The paper presents a laser guided bomb guidance law based on the linear quadratic differential game theory, where a case of two perpendicular planes with two state variables in each plane has beenExpand
Experimental and numerical research of the influence of thrust vector control on the missile aerodynamics by cold and hot jet simulations
The flow field phenomena that occur as a result of thrust vector control (TVC) system activity on a missile with lateral jets are very complex and influence all other components of the missile.Expand
Intelligent Dual Curve-Driven Tool Path Optimization and Virtual CMM Inspection for Sculptured Surface CNC Machining
This paper investigates the profitability of a dual-curve driven surface finish tool path under the concept of optimizing crucial machining parameters such as toroidal end-mill diameter, lead angle and tilt angle. Expand
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Dynamic characteristics of CLT panels: computer modelling and simulations
The fundamental vibration frequency and deflections due to the unit static force of the cross-laminated timber panels of different heights and spans were calculated. The calculation of the effectiveExpand