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Multiple Ethnic Origins of Mitochondrial DNA Lineages for the Population of Mauritius
This article reports on the first genetic assessment of the contemporary Mauritian population. Small island nodes such as Mauritius played a critical role in historic globalization processes andExpand
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Astronomical Orientations of Sacred Architecture during the Medieval Period in Slovenia
Churches are ubiquitous throughout the landscape of Slovenia, and their sheer number (estimated at more than 2300 (Record of the real-estate cultural heritage, January 2007)) lays testament to theExpand
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The Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Project: exploring the impact of colonialism and colonisation in the Indian Ocean
The archaeological potential that Mauritius offers, as a colonial enclave with Dutch, French and British influence, and as a multicultural melting pot derived from forced (Allen 1999; Vaughan 2005)Expand
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The Non‐Adult Cohort from Le Morne Cemetery, Mauritius: A Snap Shot of Early Life and Death after Abolition
The cemetery of Le Morne in Mauritius dates from the 1830s and is thought to contain the remains of slaves, freed slaves or potentially free Madagascans, which in itself has economic and socialExpand
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Colonial iron in context: the Trianon slave shackle from Mauritius
In 2009, part of a ‘slave shackle’ was recovered from archaeological investigations at Trianon, an indentured labourer site on Mauritius dated from the beginning of the nineteenth century. This paperExpand
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The Impact of Indenture
Prazniki v tropskem letu – arheoastronomske raziskave slovenske srednjeveške sakralne arhitekture
Article about research within archaeoastronomy of Romanesque churches in Slovenia. In Slovenian language.