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Effects of Brewer's Spent Grain on the Quality and Dietary Fibre Content of Cookies
Dried and ground brewer's spent grain (BSG) was blended with soft wheat flour at levels of 5-25%. BSG preparations of fine (<212 μm), medium (212-425 μm) and coarse (425-850 μm) particle sizes wereExpand
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Optimization of resistant starch formation from high amylose corn starch by microwave irradiation treatments and characterization of starch preparations.
The effects of microwave irradiation on resistant starch (RS) formation and functional properties in high-amylose corn starch, Hylon VII, by applying microwave-storing cycles and drying processesExpand
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Production and characterisation of resistant starch and its utilisation as food ingredient: a review
Starch is the storage carbohydrate in plants and also the largest source of carbohydrates in human food. Starch and starchy food products can be classified according to their digestibility as rapidlyExpand
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Investigation on potential utilization of native and modified starches containing resistant starch as a fat replacer in bakery products
In this study, different commercial starches (Hylon VII, CrystaLean, Hi-Flo, and Emjel) containing different levels of resistant starch (RS) were used as fat replacers in cake and cookie production.Expand
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Modelling the Effects of Debranching and Microwave Irradiation Treatments on the Properties of High Amylose Corn Starch by Using Response Surface Methodology
Response surface methodology was applied to determine the effects of pullulanase debranching, microwave irradiation time (2–4 min) and power (20–100%) on resistant starch (RS) formation and in-vitroExpand
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X‐Ray Spectromicroscopy of Biomolecular Matter and Soils
The aim of this study is the comparison of samples at dry and aqueous ambient conditions. Especially in biological and environmental sciences, x‐ray spectromicroscopy is a powerful tool forExpand
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