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A new approach for the utilization of barley in food products: Barley tarhana
Abstract One hulless and two hulled barley samples were used to produce tarhana samples with relatively high β-glucan content. Chemical and sensory properties of the tarhana samples were investigatedExpand
Effects of genotype and environment on β-glucan and dietary fiber contents of hull-less barleys grown in Turkey
In this study, the effects of cultivar and environment on β-glucan and total dietary fibre (TDF) contents and various quality characteristics of hull-less barley samples grown in Turkey wereExpand
Effects of cold extrusion process on thiamine and riboflavin contents of fortified corn extrudates
Abstract In this study, corn extrudates were produced from fortified corn flour by conventional and cold extrusion techniques at different barrel temperatures of 80, 110, 130 and 80 °C, respectively,Expand
Solubility and emulsifying properties of barley protein concentrate
Protein concentrates were produced from the flours of two barley cultivars (Bülbül and Tokak) by alkaline extraction procedure. The flour samples and their protein concentrates were examined byExpand
Foaming properties of barley protein isolates and hydrolysates
Foaming properties of the barley protein isolates (BPI) and barley protein hydrolysates (BPH) were investigated by using gas sparging method. BPIs were produced from hulled (BPI-1) and hull-lessExpand
Effects of gamma-irradiation of wheat on gluten proteins
Abstract The effects of 60Co gamma-irradiation treatments (2·5, 5·0, 10·0 and 20·0 kGy) on the gluten proteins of two bread wheats and one durum wheat cultivar were investigated. Dough rheologicalExpand
Effects of gamma irradiation on durum wheats and spaghetti quality
The efficient control of insects in cereal grains has long been the main objective of processors who are always looking for safer and more economical methods. Gamma irradiation is a physicalExpand
Effects of cultivar and environment on β-glucan content and malting quality of turkish barleys
Eight barley cultivars grown under the same agronomic conditions and samples of Tokak cultivar grown at six different sites of Turkey were used in this study. There were significant differences amongExpand
Solubility properties of barley flour, protein isolates and hydrolysates
Protein solubility properties of barley flours (BF), barley protein isolates (BPI) and barley protein hydrolysates (BPH) were determined as a function of pH and NaCI concentration. BPIs were producedExpand
Functional properties of microwave-treated wheat gluten
In this study, the effects of microwave treatments on solubility, foaming and emulsifying properties of gluten were investigated. The solubility of microwave-heated gluten proteins graduallyExpand