S. Zheltov

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The trend towards many-core multi-processor systems and clusters will make systems with tens and hundreds of processors more widely available. Current manual debugging techniques do not scale well to such large systems. Advanced automated debugging tools are needed for standard programming models based on commodity computing, such as threads and MPI. We(More)
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The effects of natural methylmercury compounds on regeneration of photoreceptor organs were studied in three freshwater planarians: Polycelis tenuis, Dugesia lugubris, and D. tigrina. Accumulation of methyl mercury in the planarian body suppressed regeneration of P. tenuis with numerous photoreceptor organs to a greater extent than in two other planarians(More)
In the paper we propose the method of object detection based on analysis of orthophoto images difference. Object is registered stereoscopically on smooth surface of arbitrary shape. Orthophoto images for some basic plane are generated from left and right images of the stereopair. Orthophoto generation is based on a priori surface model knowledge. In case of(More)
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