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The basal defenses important in curtailing the development of the phloem-feeding silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci type B; SLWF) on Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) were investigated. Sentinel defense gene RNAs were monitored in SLWF-infested and control plants. Salicylic acid (SA)-responsive gene transcripts accumulated locally (PR1, BGL2, PR5, SID2,(More)
We have studied the effect of Ge-concentration in gas phase on electronic properties of GeXSiY:H alloys deposited by RF-PECVD. The relative gas phase Ge concentration was varied from [Ge]<sub>gas</sub>= 50 % to 100 %. The electronic properties of the films were studied by the measurements of temperature dependence of dark conductivity(More)
Future climate change is predicted to alter the physical characteristics of oceans and estuaries, including pH, temperature, oxygen, and salinity. Investigating how species react to the influence of such multiple stressors is crucial for assessing how future environmental change will alter marine ecosystems. The timing of multiple stressors can also be(More)
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