S. Z. M. Hashim

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Conventional technique of design in computer games normally use programming as the ultimate task for developing computer games. In this framework, the development of edutainment for developing computer games for kids will be spearhead towards educators. The development of this conceptualized environment will lead the users to build an applicatio n towards a(More)
Software development effort is one of the most important metrics that must be correctly estimated in software projects. Analogy-based estimation (ABE) and artificial neural networks (ANN) are the most popular methods used widely in this field. These methods suffer from inconsistent and irrelevant projects that exist in the software project datasets. In this(More)
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is one of the most widely used heuristic algorithms. The simplicity and inexpensive computational cost make this algorithm very popular and powerful in solving wide ranges of problems. However, PSO suffers two problems of trapping in local minima and slow convergence speed. Binary version of this algorithm has been(More)
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