S. Zörner

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The aeroacoustic mechanisms in human voice production are complex coupled processes that are still not fully understood. In this article, a hybrid numerical approach to analyzing sound generation in human voice production is presented. First, the fluid flow problem is solved using a parallel finite-volume computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver on a fine(More)
The human phonation process is an interaction of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and acoustics. A fully coupled simulation is expensive concerning computational time. Simplifying the model to a pure fluid simulation and prescribing the vocal fold movement reduces these costs. The movement of the vocal folds may be gained by measurement. In this paper(More)
  • J C F Pereira, A Sequeira, S Zörner, M Kaltenbacher
  • 2010
An advanced Finite Element Method is presented which is being applied to simulate fluid flow interacting with a soft structure. Furthermore, the generated sound from fluid flow and structural mechanics is also taken into account. To get a correct model for the acoustic source terms resulting from the fluid flow Lighthill's analogy is applied, while(More)
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