S. Yuan

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BS366 is a thermo-sensitive male sterile line of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for two-line hybrid breeding, which exhibits aberrant meiotic cytokinesis under low temperature. Through transcriptome analysis, a possible regulatory role for plant actin cytoskeleton was suggested. However, the organization of actin cytoskeleton in meiosis has been poorly(More)
To study the effects of application of salicylic acid (SA) on the antioxidant system and photosystem II (PS II) in wheat seedlings we used two different experiments. The first method was carried out by immersing roots in Hoagland’s nutrient solution containing 0, 0.25, or 2.5 mM SA, and the second method was performed by spraying two-week-old seedlings with(More)
In many researches and applications in applied mathematics and engineering, we need to generalize the existing results, algorithms or methods in order to apply them to different situations or considerations. Generalization will allow certain particular problems to be solved more efficiently. Here we use some examples in scientific computing to demonstrate(More)
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