S. Yu. Reutskiy

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A new numerical technique is proposed for analyzing arbitrary shaped hollow waveguides. The method is based on mathematically modelling of physical response of a system to excitation over a range of frequencies. The response amplitudes are then used to determine the resonant frequencies. The results of the numerical experiments justifying the method are(More)
In this paper a new meshless method for eigenproblems with Laplace and biharmonic operators in simply and multiply connected domains is presented. The solution of an eigenvalue problem is reduced to a sequence of inhomogeneous problems with the differential operator studied. These problems are solved using the method of fundamental solutions. The method(More)
The paper presents the method of fundamental solutions (MFS) for solving electromagnetic problems. We compare the MFS with the method of boundary integral equations in solution of potential problems. We demonstrate the MFS technique together with the Laplace transform in application to the problem of scattering of electromagnetic pulses. A modification of(More)
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