S. Yu. Kasumova

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Role of sex hormones in the development of pituitary adenomas was investigated by analyzing the content of nuclear estradiol and testosterone receptors in different tumors of the anterior pituitary: prolactinomas, meningiomas, growth hormone-producing adenomas, astrocytomas, neurinomas, and ependymomas. The concentration of nuclear estrogen and androgen(More)
Some features of the morphological cellular structure of prolactin secreting human pituitary adenomas and their secretion of prolactin and somatotropic hormone in primary suspension cultures were investigated. A possiblein vitro proliferation of lactotrophs was established. The inhibitory effect of somatostatin and its synthetic analog sandostatin, on(More)
Somatoliberin stimulates secretion of growth hormone and has no effect on secretion of prolactin in primary cultures of hypophyseal adenoma cells obtained from acromegalic patients. A short-term contact of the cells with somatostatin inhibits secretion of growth hormone, while a long-term contact with this hormone inhibits prolactin production.(More)
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