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Vanilmandelic, homovanillic and isohomovanillic acids in body fluids were efficiently isolated by liquid chromatography on an Amberlite XAD-4 column and by organic extraction in a special apparatus. The purified metabolites were converted into their trifluoroacetylhexafluroisopropanol esters and analyzed by mass fragmentography. The working curves of the(More)
1. After oral administration of the muscle of skipjack tuna, about 90% of ingested anserine (Ans) was excreted quickly into urine as Ans (8%) and pi-methylHis (82%), indicating the fast decomposition of Ans into pi-methylHis. This was also the case for chicken muscle ingestion. 2. After eel muscle ingestion, carnosine (Car) excretion was only 1% of the(More)