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We experimentally and numerically demonstrate the dual synchronization of chaos in two pairs of one-way-coupled Mackey-Glass electronic circuits with time-delayed feedback. The outputs of the two drive circuits are mixed and used both for the feedback signal to the two drive circuits and for the transmission signal to the two response circuits. We(More)
Local conditional Lyapunov exponents are introduced and plotted in dynamical phase space to visualize the local susceptibility of the Lorenz system driven by chaos and noise signals when the system produces consistent response outputs. The dependence of the distribution of the local conditional Lyapunov exponent on changes in the drive signal is(More)
We propose a general method for constructing multi-message chaos-based communications schemes based on the use of a single nonlinear oscillator subjected to multiple delayed feedbacks. Chaotic dynamics produced by nonlinear oscillators can be used to convey [1] or encrypt [2] information-bearing messages. In particular, optical chaos has proven to be a(More)
We have investigated the transient characteristics of two types of chaos synchronization in a semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback: complete synchronization and strong injection locking-type synchronization. We have calculated the statistical distribution of the transient response time of synchronization when the initial position in the starting(More)
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