S. Yegnanarayanan

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—We discuss the introduction/implementation of optical IP routers, then we introduce a novel scheduling algorithm incorporating void filling and aimed at optical routing of asyn-chronous, variable packet length packets. We describe its structure and discuss the complexity issues. Albeit introduced with the purpose of cancelling the expensive optical(More)
—We present a general theory of oscillator phase-noise for perturbations resulting from both white and flicker noise. Although fundamentally different, both noise sources share in common an underlying principle of analyzing noise in the basis of the oscillator. These similarities allow for an integrated description of noise using a common set of equations.(More)
—The spectral purity of every oscillator system is limited by phase noise. In this work, we extend the techniques previously used to analyze phase noise in lasers to develop an intuitive, yet powerful description of phase noise in an electromagnetic os-cillator for the case when the oscillating field is sinusoidal and perturbed by white noise. The developed(More)
The conversion of electrical signals into modulated optical waves and back into electrical signals provides the capacity for low-loss radio-frequency (RF) signal transfer over optical fiber. Here, we show that the unique properties of this microwave-photonic link also enable the manipulation of RF signals beyond what is possible in conventional systems. We(More)
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