S. Yasuda

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Amplitude-based gating aids treatment planning in scanned particle therapy because it gives better control of uncertainty with the gate window. We have installed an X-ray fluoroscopic imaging system in our treatment room for clinical use with an amplitude-based gating strategy. We evaluated the effects of this gating under realistic organ motion conditions(More)
A spinal cord injury leads to disturbances of sensory and motor signals due to the damage to white matter and myelinated fiber tracts. Moreover, the damage to gray matter causes segmental loss of interneurons of dorsal horn and motoneurons and restricts the therapeutic options. Neuroprotective strategies have the potential to improve the neurological(More)
Executive Directors 1. Cell-permeable intrinsic cellular inhibitors of apoptosis protect and rescue intestinal epithelial cells from radiation-induced cell death. Research on Cancer Therapy with Carbon Beams 1. Carbon ion radiotherapy in Japan: an assessment of 20 years of clinical experience. 2. Usefulness of J-CAPRA score for high-risk prostate cancer(More)
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